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posted July 12th, 2013, 4:29 am


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July 12th, 2013, 4:29 am


My Story


Hello! Some of you know me… others may not. My name is DevilApples AKA AppleRush AKA SilverIris. Some of you may also know that recently I’ve been having car problems. Well last weekend I had the money to replace the part that’s broken on my car, and while I was at a study group for my college class the envelope with the money in it vanished. Anyway it took me months to save the money for the car parts, I’m a full time College Student (which means I’m poor). Also I’m a single mother of a beautiful baby girl. So let me tell you the story:

Thursday morning while on my way to drop my daughter at the babysitters my car died randomly, which is the problem it has been having. My ignition switch is going bad. Anyway when my car died I was on a bridge, I couldn’t get my car started, however there was a little parking lot near where my died (I assume it’s for bridge employees) I decided instead of standing on a busy bridge during rush hour. I would push my car by myself to the parking lot (by myself because no one stopped to help). So what I didn’t know about this parking lot is that once you go into it there’s a slight downward hill. So once my care which was in neutral hit that spot it picked up speed and got away from me. (This is the horrifying part) I watched in panic stricken terror as my car without a driver rolled ever faster toward a guard railing, with my daughter inside. All my screaming couldn’t stop my car from going faster… I was terrified that I was going to watch my daughter die in front of my eyes because of my stupid ignition switch and the person(s) that stole the money from my purse. Thankfully the guard railing stopped the car because on the other side of the railing was a sheer 50 foot drop…. to say the least I was shaken and almost in shock as I snatched my daughter from the car and sank to my knees.

So here’s the whole reason I’m telling you this terrible story, as I said before I’m a single mom, and a full time college student. I have a job but I only make about $1000 a month. I don’t have alot of extra money after bills, rent, gas, bridgetoll, etc. Again it took me forever to save the money for the repairs. I took my car after this horrible incident to my brother mechanic. Apparently because i’ve been putting stress on the starter when the car dies (to get it started again) I now have to replace the starter on my car. While I could of saved the money for the ignition switch easily enough… the started and the labor for both parts will be over $600 which would take me over six months to save. I don’t have anyone I can ask to borrow the money, if I did I’d probably ask them to cosign on a new car for me. I’m not going to lie, I’m asking for donations however for everyone that donates I will draw you something. I can’t lose my car or I can’t work or go to school. I know this is horrible and I’m playing the pity card but I’m not sure what else to do.

The other part of this is, unfortunately I don’t have paypal, or a bank account at the moment. so any donations would have to be through moneygram, westernunion, or snail mail. If you can help please contact me through my email at or you can find me on deviant art at

Any help is appreciated….

Thank you,

Devil Apples

Edit: The reason I'm not listing commission prices is I'll draw someting for everyone eventually as long as they don't donate like two dollars. And even then I'd probably draw a small sketch of like a floating head

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